SRT CHINX Timme sedan
I can’t believe i missed you guys i was gonna come but somebody hit my charger the day before 🤦🏾‍♂️
Grailed Ticobapes
Grailed Ticobapes 2 timmar sedan
I live in Miami how do I meet you guys
Gannon Roper
Gannon Roper 2 timmar sedan
I live in NC.. Go to The Gap all the time on my GSXR.. That being said the reason why your radar detector didn't go off is he was prob shooting laser.. When the NCSHP sits on the over passes they are mostly shooting laser.. They got me before with it. My Cobra pics up 7 lasers and it never went off. Apparently they use a different laser then my detector picks up.. Very familiar with the area you were in.. Looks like the Blue Ridge Express between Cherokee and Robinsville.. They're up that way in forces trying to make revenue for NC especially from out of staters cause your likely to not come back , they hope you'll just pay it off..
Wood shop Mafia
Wood shop Mafia 3 timmar sedan
This cop gives every other cop a bad name and this has to be one of the biggest [email protected][÷ cops ever. Give the cop a break though, he is probably having a hard time removing the stick from his AS$.
rppdfire 3 timmar sedan
I understand a lot of people are upset that they didn't fight the tickets all together. It's a matter of cost, $243 + $50 up against the value of the hours + attorney fees + travel from Canada + aggravation. Even if you win, you lose. On the other hand, by them posting the original and this video, they brought the corruption out in the open. I think they made the right choice for the circumstance.
Piero Berti
Piero Berti 3 timmar sedan
FCA: we don't want to invest in Lancia anymore, it's not renowned outside Italy. Meanwhile in Miami:
Allen Rodgers
Allen Rodgers 3 timmar sedan
Get a track hawk! I know Hennessy in Texas make a powerful one. I’m not sure if it’s 1,000 but pretty sure they would make it a 1,000 if you want.
Ronan Doyle F1
Ronan Doyle F1 4 timmar sedan
The guy with the C63 is Nico Rosberg I swear
Chicken Noodle Kaufman
Chicken Noodle Kaufman 5 timmar sedan
Yes build the rs6 all the way!
Julio Gonzo
Julio Gonzo 6 timmar sedan
The UPS truck givin er 😂
Enrique Capece
Enrique Capece 6 timmar sedan
how can people dislike the vid
Donte Melville
Donte Melville 6 timmar sedan
Yes he should get a TrackHawk!!!
Karen Atchison
Karen Atchison 7 timmar sedan
Oh this is Montgomery County Md, they love giving tickets!
Larry Ross
Larry Ross 7 timmar sedan
Sorry you guys had to deal with that. I live just south of Louisville in Kentucky and got pulled over a couple of times with a solid banner. That is not a ticketable offense normally.
Sebastian iron v8
Sebastian iron v8 8 timmar sedan
Italian racing cars from the 90s are the top of automotive engineering in the world, the engine, the chassis, the kinematic chain ... Congratulations and have fun amico mio. ciaoo
Timothy Yon
Timothy Yon 8 timmar sedan
I'm just here for the V12
Johny Rivers
Johny Rivers 8 timmar sedan
The paraguayan chaco gets up to 50 degrees some times on the road, and the car ac feels like its heating. And its a 400klm stretch with very little civilization
Call me Murph
Call me Murph 9 timmar sedan
Douchecops say have a better day as he gets in his lambo.. what a bunch of loser cop bullies... hahaha
Paolo Tisato
Paolo Tisato 9 timmar sedan
Oh...a CAR...
MadJamYT 14 timmar sedan
The Cullinan is literally the word thing Britain ever made. It looks hideous and is useless
Cowel Benja
Cowel Benja 14 timmar sedan
I've been watching the track hawk for the past three years and I really hope Randy gets one to show me off some more
JoTokutora 15 timmar sedan
Wow Monica Bellucci?!
Deputy_ VortexX
Deputy_ VortexX 15 timmar sedan
Protecting paint?
Bitnisse 15 timmar sedan
Randy: "This is how we do a POV, a little clip on your thing... Me : "Dammit i came here to watch car videos!😎
Patrice Carrot
Patrice Carrot 15 timmar sedan
Dommage qu'il n'ai pas l'habitude des boîtes meca..
Azide Azidoazide
Azide Azidoazide 15 timmar sedan
Put me in a Koenigsegg and I’m going full sped with the AC on after the “turn off ac for 10mi” sign.
Jonathan Silva
Jonathan Silva 15 timmar sedan
what’s the name of the song in the beginning of the intro
Tevis Craigen
Tevis Craigen 16 timmar sedan
trucks were made to work, to get dings n shit. if trucks weren’t allowed to have any damage well they simply wouldn’t make trucks
Sargvision831 16 timmar sedan
I went 140 in my stock saab lol
odl21 16 timmar sedan
Treating a rally car like a drag car. Good luck finding somewhere to drive that properly in boring Florida.
odl21 16 timmar sedan
What the F is a group C rally car? Moron.
Garett 19 timmar sedan
Is this the first video with Mrs. Savage?
rdr679 20 timmar sedan
5:39 anyone know what the wrapped car is?
J 20 timmar sedan
Garage update!
Frank Farago
Frank Farago 21 timme sedan
Waste of one's honest free time. Supercars? I only spotted one (Pagini). The rest were -- just so-so. Driving with no purpose, burning up fuel and rubber. Helping the local ecnonomy, hopefully. Still, all in all a time waster.
Larry Calloway
Larry Calloway 22 timmar sedan
Windows tinted windows on vehicles vary from state to state . Yes you can be charge with a violation .
Marco Veronese
Marco Veronese 22 timmar sedan
This is a fake Delta, good engine but a really really bad body kit, u lost half of the prestige of the car...I hope u don t spend more tan 20-25.000 dollars, in that conditions.....🙈
Hamid Shabbir
Hamid Shabbir 22 timmar sedan
Lived in md all my life and still haven't seen savage on the roads :(
Natedivo63 Nathaniel
Natedivo63 Nathaniel 22 timmar sedan
That is so loud
Natedivo63 Nathaniel
Natedivo63 Nathaniel 22 timmar sedan
Idk what maybe the GT3 RS
Chef Deeze
Chef Deeze 23 timmar sedan
You were a drug smuggler In your past life. 26.4 gal gas tank huh 🤌🏼
Chef Deeze
Chef Deeze 23 timmar sedan
Brah we had a 84 Lincoln that did that trunk close thing
Chef Deeze
Chef Deeze 23 timmar sedan
I feel like this is the hardest car Mercedes ever mass produced
Siege Dag sedan
Bruh why does Randy sound like one of those gta calls
jeff shearon
jeff shearon Dag sedan
val kilmer driving police car at 1 33 15
The ScubaDriver
The ScubaDriver Dag sedan
Awesome video!! Thanks for sharing 👊👊
Aleksandra Dimitrieva
Aleksandra Dimitrieva Dag sedan
By watching your videos, I feel really bad for people who have such nice cars... like, they can´t even enjoy a ride without getting pulled over.
James Orr
James Orr Dag sedan
Death Valley where it can be 125 degrees in the daytime and 20 degrees at night!! you can also go from below zero sea level to 5.000 feet above sea level in 1 mile.
Get it
Tyler Terry
Tyler Terry Dag sedan
The first one he was just looking for a way to give someone a ticket
Pollo Spierings
Pollo Spierings Dag sedan
Randy!!! Trade the coupe for the Roadster please!!! 🙏 fits you sooo good... 💪😎👍
Robert McMillan
Robert McMillan Dag sedan
Photo op? Park where you shouldn’t ? He was wrong and so were you. Be safe you all.
GLRE Events
GLRE Events Dag sedan
Insane as always!!! Such an amazing car to drive.
adam Richardson
adam Richardson Dag sedan
What's next a Doug score?
Triston Smith
Triston Smith Dag sedan
The most American thing I've seen today
LZ Garage
LZ Garage Dag sedan
I drove from Texas to Illinois with no plates in an all black rhd van and we didn’t get stopped once. And we were 15 over the whole way home 🤣🤣
sgaiodecoloncovez Dag sedan
Lancia Delta Martini is a legend in the world.....thanx for the video.....emotional and amazing! Greetings from Italy!🇮🇹
Gianpiero Riva
Gianpiero Riva Dag sedan
Vi piacciono le macchine italiane eh 😜
DesignbyDane Wraps
DesignbyDane Wraps Dag sedan
Group C Rally car?... no such thing
Game Gods
Game Gods Dag sedan
I loved how you guys handled the situation so cool
Daniele R
Daniele R Dag sedan
Another Italian masterpiece, proud to be Italian 🇮🇹
Marco Pariciani
Marco Pariciani Dag sedan
Grazie grazie grazie grazie per queste bellissime emozioni Lancia Delta integrale EVOLUZIONE la numero 1 al mondo
Hawaii Scatpack392
Hawaii Scatpack392 Dag sedan
I had a cop pull me over because he was a fan of the car. Lol ended up sharing a few drinks lol
Jake Lowe
Jake Lowe Dag sedan
On an empty open road the only live you will endanger is your self. Glad they use a back road. This is the best place for them to do this and looks so fun!
Max C.
Max C. Dag sedan
Vorname Nachname
Vorname Nachname Dag sedan
Lancia Delta Integrale = LEGEND !
Angel III
Angel III Dag sedan
Es una replica, no es el lancia delta Grupo A del mundial de rallies. Lancia Fake. No teneis ni puta idea Yankees, ni de conducir, ni de cambiar, ni hacer punta tacon, ni nada.
Saad Younas
Saad Younas Dag sedan
When randy launched it It sounded like a ghost 👻
Wtf do you guys do for a living, not that money matters. You can be a millionaire and still die broke.
Mark Sim1
Mark Sim1 Dag sedan
Randy man you move your head way to much, feel sick
MrDTM Dag sedan
Ahhh another episode of what in "my recommended"
Astro Dag sedan
What is the song at 5:14?
Adam Tarnowski
Adam Tarnowski Dag sedan
Ayyyy Ransom! The merch is hott.
nochum —
nochum — Dag sedan
the breathing is so annoying hahaha
Your friendly neighborhood Cave Troll
Your friendly neighborhood Cave Troll Dag sedan
so is peeing an emergency cus I have pulled over to "Go" many times if you know what I mean ;D lol
Frank jeen
Frank jeen Dag sedan
Can some one please tell me the song that's on this part????! 7:16
Spiros Karaxalios
Spiros Karaxalios Dag sedan
το οδηγούν σαν ένα fiat punto καθόλου σεβασμός σε ένα θρυλικό αυτοκίνητο
Steven Walsh
Steven Walsh Dag sedan
should clarify everyone's first car should be a Porsche given they can afford one, because I cannot and I wish I could. I would love a GT3
Scotty Dag sedan
You guys gotta get that dudes mk1 GTI all wheel drive 1000hp car and run that once, would be cool to throw a little old school euro high output on some folks. Sleeper time.
Dustin Russell
Dustin Russell Dag sedan
I live in kentucky and I tell you what nobody and I mean NOBODY in my family has been pulled over for a sticket on their windshield